Response to Emergence and Resurgence of Animal Pathogens

Over the past few decades, there has been an emergence or reemergence of animal and zoonotic pathogens driven by multiple and complex factors that pose a serious challenge to the field of diagnostic and health surveillance. Resulting epidemics move quickly across and beyond borders exposing a number of vulnerabilities.


We are in a pressure situation

  • Increasing number of cases in diagnostic laboratories every year.
  • Increasing demand of new tests for re/emerging pathogens.
  • Need for improvement of existing tests.
  • Need for adaptation of current test to alternative clinical specimens.
  • Need for new technologies to diagnose and investigate emerging infectious diseases.
Test tubes

‘Science is an evolving process and truth is provisional’

There is a need for continuous improvement. However, large diagnostic corporations are not leading research efforts directed towards development of diagnostic solutions against emerging pathogens at the expected level of readiness.